Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy: Taking a new product to market

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Crowdfunding Campaign Strategy: Taking a new product to market  


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 Why you need our help?



You have an awesome product or project to launch. You’ve worked really hard to get to this point, and now you need to get customers and backers excited about supporting your product.


Your window to the world is online.


You need to:


  • Get in front of your ideal audience


  • Explain to them the benefits of how your amazing product will impact their lives


  • Gain their trust and support, so they will be excited to back your project and fund it with their hard-earned money.


Therefore, you must give your audience the best chance of understanding who you are, what you sell and why they should support your project.


We understand this is not an easy process to put in place for someone who does not come from the Online Media or the Marketing industry. It can feel very daunting to do it all yourself without a blueprint. It constantly feels like you’re missing a key ingredient.


At ReadyFundGo we have put in place a world class team to offer crowdfunding agency services to guide you through the process from start to finish and help you achieve your crowdfunding goals.


This service is available to serious campaign creators who are launching a new product or service with a budget and far-reaching ambition.


Our team have been working in the Online industry for the past 7 years, helping creators just like you raise funds to bring amazing products to life.


Two of our campaigns in particular raised over $ US 4 million.


What we do

How we promote your crowdfunding campaign






So, have an awesome product or project to launch.


Our role is to get customers and backers excited about supporting your product.


Depending upon the nature of your campaign, the scope of your potential reach, the scale of your ambition and your available promotion budget, our crowdfunding agency team can work to tailor a package or selected services to meet your needs.



Working with the ReadyFundGo Promotion Team



01 Branding and Positioning

As a first step we work to give your audience the best chance of understanding who you are, what you sell and why they should support your project.


The key is in making a great product a successful product.


With hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding campaigns launched every year, your product needs to resonate with your backers on an emotional level.


Instead of being another “nice idea”, spark the “I need this in my life, today!” moment.


Great branding and positioning communicates the value of your product to your ideal audience, making it clear why it’s made just for them, and how it will change their lives.


We will prepare a branding and positioning document for you that will be based on research, putting together customer insights, product benefits, and market differentiation. It will be the base of writing amazing sales copy that converts for your campaign.



02 Web Design & Landing Page


Once you have your story, branding and messaging you will need to create your window to the world.


One of the most effective and efficient ways to do this is by creating a landing page.


A landing page is simply a standalone web page created specifically for the purpose of a marketing or advertising campaign.


We assist you with the design and creation of a clean landing page with a connected Mail Chimp subscription along with photos, a video and other graphic assets from your collection.


The landing page is used to collect sign-ups – e mail addresses before the campaign is launched and includes a custom domain and hosting for 12 months.




03 Video & Photography


Today most of the time online is spent watching video content.


If you are looking at raising over $5k through a crowdfunding campaign we strongly suggest that you add a video to your campaign.


There a many ways to tell your story and capture the essence of your campaign on video. The key is creating engagement. The type and content for your crowdfunding video will depended partly on your  target audience, the scale of your ambition and your budget.


We are able to assist you with your script and connecting you with a producer to fit your requirements.


Where you plan to source and produce your own video our crowdfunding agency team  request that we review the script and sign off on the proposed plan in advance.



04 Campaign Structure and Design



You have a product, and with the right advertising and  public relations (PR)  as set out below will have brought people to your campaign page.


To get to this point, you worked hard for months. Yet, every time a visitor leaves your campaign page without transacting, all that time was for nothing.


A structured, clear campaign page is what turns casual visitors into campaign backers and lifetime customers. It’s what brings purpose to your hard work.


We believe it is worth investing time and effort into the visual appearance of your campaign page and we work to create engaging content that keeps visitors reading until they want to be part of your mission.


05 Public Relations(PR) Online Media Outlets, Influencers, Bloggers|

Press releases are a key element of both the pre-launch phase and during the crowdfunding campaign itself as most blogs will use the press releases and adjusted articles.



The creation of a DropBox with high quality interesting content and photo assets are must to post about your new product and the crowdfunding campaign and ensure that copy and content stays on message.


Following the creation of the DropBox, the most appropriate online media outlets, influencers and bloggers for your campaign are identified and approached. This PR element of the campaign is time intensive.


Where you have a new product or offering with high potential we would suggest an outreach program commencing in the pre-campaign phase.


We will need to see and understand your product or offering before we can provide an accurate indication of how we can provide assistance.


06.1  Social Media Advertising for testing your market – Pre-Campaign


In order to give exposure and visibility to your crowdfunding campaign, to better understand the market and create the opportunity to scale the campaign, we perform A/B tests via online advertising.



We suggest having an initial budget of several thousand dollars  to spend  in order to collate enough data that it is of significant statistical value.



06.2 Social Media Advertising for raising funds – Live Campaign


Following the test phase and once it is understood that there is a strong opportunity and correlation in terms of cost per acquisition via advertising we can look to the second phase.


In this second phase further budget will be required to maximise the results of the campaign and funds raised. We will discuss with you the appropriate ad spend depending upon your objectives and the results of testing. For this phase of the work we are able to offer you a performance fee as a % of ROI to ensure our interests are fully aligned.


07 Strategy, Planning & Management Reporting


In addition to the crowdfunding agency  services outlined above, we are able to offer you  a strategic planning session, the creation of a campaign plan and timeline with co-ordination against milestones and management reporting.


If you would like to know more…..


ReadyFundGo are offering the above crowdfunding agency services to assist more crowdfunding campaign creators be successful in their ventures.


Our fees for providing the services outlined above are split in to the “pre-campaign phase” and the “live project” phase. There is a fixed fee for the pre-campaign phase covering set-up and test advertising and a % performance fee for the live campaign phase.


For further information please contact us at


Crowdfunding is becoming a popular, faster and more cost effective route to launching a new product or entering a new market. Success is dependent upon the both the product and  the skill and hard work of online marketing specialists.

Where an organisation has serious ambitions we recommend that online crowdfunding agency expert services are engaged.


If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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