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Chelsea Ford, Founder, Females in Food

This month we profile Chelsea Ford, the Sydney based Founder of Females in Food.

Females in Food is a membership for women in food and drink to get business advice, resources and inspiration. Females in Food is for makers, creators, artisans, producers and small business owners.

Their mission is simple —

“to help YOU build an amazingly successful food and drink business”.

Chelsea is not only the Founder of this fabulous initiative but she is also an award-winning business coach and mentor; a dedicated advocate for women-led small businesses; and a bonafide, gold-plated, passionate foodie who loves exploring artisanal food and drink products.

Chelsea told us, “I have been on an amazing entrepreneurial journey over the last ten years after a couple of decades as a senior executive at a number of multinational organisations. I say amazing, that’s true, but it didn’t come without its challenges, that’s for sure!”

This inspiring entrepreneur launched Females in Food in the Spring of 2016. The idea came to Chelsea after talking to hundreds of small food and drink business owners and hearing the same complaints over and over again: “I don’t have anyone who ‘gets me’, I don’t know where to start, I’m in the kitchen all day and can’t grow my business, I have to do everything on my own and keep running out of time, cash flow is a real struggle.”

After hearing these repeated frustrations Chelsea saw a significant gap in the market to support these women. There were programs and groups available but the free stuff was very generic and mostly hit and miss; and the tens of thousands of dollars programs were out of reach for most small business owners and still didn’t address the ‘alone’ feeling.

So Chelsea created Females in Food to give women in food and drink businesses a place to get hands on help with niche resource; a place to surround themselves with women who shared similar challengsand experts in the industry all at an affordable price.

Her mission from day one has been very clear: to help females build amazingly successful food and drink businesses by turning ideas into actions and struggles into success stories.

At ReadyFundGo we are working with Chelsea to develop a Masterclass to help women makers, creators, artisans, producers and small business owners learn more about how they can use crowdfunding to get their businesses and new projects off the ground.

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