Crowdfunding News: Australia crowdfunds the world’s first IBO!!

Australia crowdfunds the world’s first IBO !! 

Forget crowdfunding ICOs … the world’s first IBO launches today on ReadyFundGo ….

Sick of being bamboozled by Blockchain and ICOs?

For many the terms ICO, crypto currency, bitcoin and blockchain cause a momentary brain fade and glazed look. Some may nod and agree with what is being said hoping desperately they are not asked to explain, while others say they are not interested and quickly change the subject.


Fear not. Today the world first IBO offer will change all of that forever!

Today, Australia’s crowdfunding platform for start-ups, ReadyFundGo launches the world’s first “Initial BearOffering” or “IBO”!!!

Turning waste into wonder

Whilst an “ICO” which stands for an “Initial Coin Offering” is a new form of crowdfunding developed from the acceptance of blockchain and its capabilities, the Initial Bear Offering is not even about a “bear” stock market. It really is  about the creation of the good old fashioned teddy bear. Whereas an ICO is just code on a computer, this IBO is all about creating smiles and positive outcomes for society through the creation of a teddy bear.


Perth based social entrepreneur Dwayne Rowland is raising funds  through crowdfunding to commercially scale production.


Dwayne had the miraculous idea of turning old unwanted corporate uniforms that would otherwise go to landfill into teddy bears, whilst at the same time, creating life changing jobs for some of the most disadvantaged members of our community.


Dwayne who is a builder by background is dreaming big. He was investigating creative ways to re-use or “upcycle” unwanted products and remove an environmental challenge for big business when he was presented an opportunity by Virgin Australia.



Virgin Australia were looking to discard their old corporate uniforms in a safe, secure, ethical and environmentally friendly way. The combination of Dwayne and Virgin Australia with the blessing of Sir Richard Branson lead to the birth of the Branson Bear and his business LOOP Upcycling.

Sir Richard with the Branson bear









The Branson Bear, seen in the photograph with Sir Richard, is a powerful symbol of innovation and hope for society.

This shared passion and commitment of both Dwayne and Virgin Australia to environmental and social responsibility, has led Dwayne to the realisation that LOOP Upcycling, as a commercial social enterprise,  has boundless potential to make the world a better place.


The crowdfunding campaign on ReadyFundGo has a target set at $25,000 but secretly Dwayne is hoping that he will smash that.


Dwayne is looking to increase production capability in Western Australia and if the crowdfunding campaign is successful enough, create centres in other states to reduce the need to transport the uniforms such distances before the bears are created.


This week Dwayne’s idea won Idea of the Week on IdeaSpies.









If you are an individual who is passionate about the environment and would like to assist in creating more jobs in Australia for those most at risk and vulnerable then you can do your bit by purchasing a bear today. See


As well as buying a bear for yourself, you can purchase a bear on the campaign for a friend (see the GIFT option) or you can choose to have a bear delivered directly to the Ronald McDonald Housecharity in Perth for families with seriously ill children.


If you are a large corporate and are currently sending your corporate uniforms to landfill please do get in touch to discuss having your uniforms upcycled –


If you are a large corporate but do not have corporate uniforms to be upcycled you can still support the campaign through purchasing bears for charity and qualify to have your corporate logo added to the campaign page –


Join us today and help make this IBO launch silence the chatter of ICOs. Now if someone asks you a question or starts talking in double Dutch re ICOs you can now baffle them back with talk of the world’s first IBO!!!


P.S. If you are still reading and  feeling creative Dwayne and his team at LOOP Upcycling are looking for a name for the mascot teddy … for $10 you can enter the competition, have your name added to their websites Wall of Wonder and become a wash with their eternal gratitude in the knowledge you are making a difference.



If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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