Crowdfunding Promotion – The Secret to Catapulting your Campaign

Crowdfunding Promotion

The Secret to getting local Media Coverage to catapult your campaign


Promoting your crowdfunding campaign

If you have been reading the ReadyFundGo crowdfunding campaign guide you will have seen the importance of a good start to your crowdfunding campaign.


In the Guidebook we talk about personal contact – meetings and phone calls to get your Day One Supporters on board.


Your Day One Supporters

Your Day One Supporters are people that you know support you and you can rely on to go on to the campaign page the day you launch to make a pledge or purchase and then share it with their friends.


Once you have got some activity on your campaign page you can share it with your networks and start your social media campaign.


After the Initial Excitement

At some point after the initial excitement there will be a dip in activity in your campaign and it is vital that at this stage you are prepared in advance and ready to step up the activity to keep your forward momentum.


An important avenue to build your next layer of support is through PR particularly through traditional local media sources so local newspapers, local radio and local TV.


This is easier said than done.


Getting the attention of local media for your crowdfunding campaign

Getting the Attention of Local Media

Think about what it is like to be in a journalist’s shoes or a radio or TV producer.

How many thousands of people have stories they want to promote? How does an Editor decide what to keep or toss?


How many people come to them just trying to get some free advertising for their product or service? Editors need to decide in 30 seconds whether information sent to them will be used or tossed in the trash bin, most land in the bin.


Even if you have something that is totally unique and can solve a significant problem there is an art to getting noticed by your local media outlets.

If you are about to create a crowdfunding campaign part of your pre-launch planning should involve considering whether local media is an important part of your strategy and how realistic is this. Remember running a crowdfunding campaign in itself is no longer newsworthy.


Team Success – An Array of Skills

As we know we all have different skill sets. Some people are amazingly creative whilst others may be superb at delivering a budget or production run on time.

Crowdfunding Campaign Team

Crowdfunding campaigns with teams are on average 3 times more successful than those run by one person. The key is in knowing your strengths and knowing when someone else may have skills you do not have.


Amazing Support offer

At ReadyFundGo we are delighted to have the support of Diana Todd-Banks. Diana has worked on newspapers as a syndicated feature columnist, as a PR professional for major global brands and taught PR, as well she is a 3X international best-selling author and author of 6 other books.


After hearing about what we are aiming to do at ReadyFundGo in helping start-ups get off the ground, Diana jumped on board and was keen to provide her skills to further the cause.


As part of helping campaign creators prepare for launch Diana has offered to provide a 30-40 minute consultation for $50. As anyone who has tried to hire an experienced PR professional before will know, this is an incredible offer.



If you would like to discuss with Diana how to:


  • Select the words to create an attention grabbing title for your campaign
  • Improve the wording used on your campaign page
  • Create newsworthy angles for your campaign page for media releases
  • Choose who best to approach for a media blast
  • Structure your media release


Please email info@readyfundgo.comwith the heading – PR Consultation with Diana.


To the extent Diana  has capacity and believes your campaign has significant potential she will on occasion be able to provide additional support beyond the initial consultation.

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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