Crowdfunding in the lucky country

As we ended 2020 you might be forgiven for thinking it could not come fast enough, after a year of historic and lifechanging challenges – fires, floods, drought, and a global pandemic.

Australia, the lucky country was tested. The impacts of these events will last a generation and not be forgotten. While sombre reflection and thoughts for those in our community hardest hit are warranted, so too is a reminder of how the enduring Aussie spirit is alive and well. 

Image: Kangeroo Dundee, Eden TV

At ReadyFundGo we felt privileged and inspired by examples generosity, resilience, support for local business, and a strong sense of community through several crowdfunding campaigns this year. Here are a few examples. 

Dogs on Doorsteps.  Campaign creator, Suzanne is a local family photographer in New South Wales. Like many, Suzanne’s business came to a sudden halt during the social distancing restrictions earlier this year in March.

As we all went into lockdown Suzanne started to photograph dogs on their doorsteps as a fun project during her daily walks. This led to a re-connection with her community

Suzanne went on to launch a crowdfunding campaign to turn her beautiful photographs into a coffee table book, and once she raised enough to cover the books production costs, she generously donated profits to a therapy dog not-for-profit organisation called Paws Pet Therapy. Paws Pet Therapy train volunteers and their dogs to support the vulnerable people in our community with doggy love and snuggles.

Supporting each other during 2020

The Hearts Language Project.  Campaign creator, Jeannette from Victoria, is passionate about the wellbeing of our young, and particularly concerned with youth mental health issues and alarming statistics around suicide, anxiety, drug, and alcohol abuse. 

After working with schools and communities on a school-based mentoring program, she penned her ideas on why she thinks our youth may be struggling and how in her experience – hope, empathy, action, relationships, and trust can make a positive difference in a young person’s life. 

Jeannette raised the funds needed through her crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of printing copies of the book, and she gifted several copies to schools in her local area.

She also generously donated 20% of the total funds raised to a youth-based project You(th) Are Not Alone which aims to address the issue of youth loneliness. 

Crowdfunding with ReadyFundGo during COVID-19

Lawnbrook Estate V2020 COVID-19 Rescue Package. Campaign creators Rebekah and Bruce run a vineyard/winery/restaurant in the Perth Hills Wine Region.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality and tourism industries where confronted with unprecedented challenge. For Rebekah and Bruce, the pandemic struck during their wine production – which was at bottling stage. Because of COVID-19, they lost their restaurant revenue stream and needed to raise funds to ensure they could cover the cost of their 2020 vintage. 

They exceeded their crowdfunding campaign target goal thanks to the willingness of backers to support a local business during a tough time. Rebekah and Bruce were able to bottle their 2020 vintage, and supporters were rewarded with a fantastic selection of boutique Australian wines.

Supporting local crowdfunding campaigns

Good-Edi Edible Coffee Cups. Campaign creators Catherine and Aniyo from Melbourne worked hard during their time in lock-down to create a crowdfunding campaign to help get their business Good-Edi off the ground.

Aware of the shocking amount of takeaway coffee cups that end up in Australian landfill every day, they have come up with a sustainable and biodegradable solution. Consumers and businesses keen to take more environmentally sustainable action have showed their support for the campaign. 

We congratulate these inspirational campaign creators and their supporters for their generosity, creativity, and work for the greater good. 

Supporting the Lucky Country

We at ReadyFundGo would like to take this opportunity to send our thanks to all those individuals and organisations in our communities that helped us get through 2020 – our emergency services, police, fire, ambulance, doctors, nurses, and volunteers. And thank you for still being there waiting to support us as we start 2021.

Thanks also to those who bought local last year, supported local crowdfunding campaigns or who worked with the vulnerable in our society, those in need, or struggling, as well as those who demanded justice.

Lastly, our appreciation for those who continue to be champions for the environment, saving our Great Barrier Reef and reducing plastic in our oceans or creating programs to support environamentally friendly start-ups such as the Taronga Zoo HATCH Accelerator. And to all businesses and individuals playing their part to ensure a sustainable future for Australia.

We are sure there are many more to mention and thank. It is because of you all that Australia truly is the lucky country. 

The Team @ ReadyFundGo

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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