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Successful crowdfunding campaigns require more than just a great idea. At ReadyFundGo, our network of experts in business, digital, strategy and marketing will help you to reach your funding goals.

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We get it. Raising funds using ‘crowdsourcing’ is really exciting but can be daunting if it’s your first time raising funds this way.

That’s why we’ve assembled a team of success-driven experts to help you create the best possible campaign, right from the start.

With expertise in legal, design, accounting, strategy, marketing, commercialisation and video, we’ll help you & take your great idea to a level you never thought possible.

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Here’s how we’ll help you put together a winning campaign:

Set up a firm foundation.

From the moment you start, our campaign pilots will work with you to assess any area of your campaign that may need expert help. Sure, starting your campaign planning with legal and accounting advice might seem a little boring but if you want to really succeed then it’s important to ensure you’ve got the right advice before the money starts flowing in. Our experts can help make sure that you meet all of your requirements and check that the best business structures are in place, ready for your launch.

Create a winning strategy.

Successful campaigns usually come down to good planning before they even start. You can leverage all of our wealth of business expertise to refine your idea for the best chance of success. With years of experience in start-up and fast growth business strategy to our name, we’ll help you make the absolute most of your campaign.

Pitching your campaign.

Our marketing, pr and creative experts can help you with everything from a launch video to help boost your chances of getting fully funded right through to crafting the perfect message for your campaign page and communications. It’s all about giving you the very best shot at succeeding the first time around!

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Crowdfunding in Australia has never been easier. Find out how these experts can help your project succeed:

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