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The crowd can support your idea through crowd funding on ReadyFundGo, fees are minimal
Starting a crowdfunding campaign  is free.

Once a campaign has been created and approved, ReadyFundGo
showcases your campaign on our site and facilitates the collection of pledges from your supporters.

If you do not raise any funds, no fee is charged for the use of the platform.

For Flexible (Take What You Can Get) campaigns that raise funds,
you’ll receive your funds right away. ‘Net Funds’ are transferred to you during the course of your campaign as pledges are made. For All or Nothing campaigns, you will receive the ‘Net Funds’ when your target has been reached. ‘Net Funds’ are the amounts pledged minus credit card processing fees and ReadyFundGo’s fee.

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 Our Fee
1.75% + 30c Australian cards

2.9% + 30c International cards

Credit card processing fees


Our Fee
See: Canada Denmark  Findland France Ireland Japan Norway  Singapore Spain Sweden USA UK
 Credit card processing fees 

There are no fees if you don’t raise funds.
The ReadyFundGo fee for Australia and Worldwide is 5%.

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  • Get Massive Exposure
  • Avoid The Banks
  • Grow You Business Faster
  • Launch Your Startup Without The Sharks
  • Don’t Give Away Your Equity


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