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Crowdfunding is simply the raising of funds through the collection of small contributions from the general public (known as the crowd) using a web platform like ReadyFundGo. You can start your crowdfunding campaign for free by starting to create your campaign on our platform.  Campaign creation involves detailing your project story, goal and rewards.

Once you’ve completed your draft and its been approved by our team, the public can start to back your idea with a pledge as a donation or in return for the rewards you’ve offered.

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  • Get Interest Free Funding
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  • Test/Prove Your Product or Service
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  • Get Massive Exposure
  • Avoid The Banks
  • Grow You Business Faster
  • Launch Your Startup Without The Sharks


ReadyFundGo is a powerful tool created to harness a community passionate about your idea.

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Follow these simple steps to create a campaign:

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