How To Startup a Brewery

How To Startup a Brewery


So not only you have decided to take one of the biggest steps in starting your own business, you have also added to the challenge by choosing a niche market and are deep into the investigation of  how to startup your brewery.

Of course we use the term “Startup” here very specifically because to start up a business is one thing, but to startup a brewery is a different game altogether.

Not only do you face all the usual startup challenges of raising the required funds, investing these raised funds wisely, finding your first customers, developing your brand  and ultimately looking to deliver a profit not just for yourself but for your investors, you also need to understand and wade through the myriad of licensing laws and regulatory requirements. Of course there is the fun part of tasting, tasting and more tasting too!

How To Startup a Brewery


Here at ReadyFundGo we have the joy of working with all types of businesses from indoor ski centres, through yoga studios to organic food producers, with breweries being  just another link in the chain of our endless adventures with startups we have helped to crowdfund.


In a country filled with people who love their beer and to be following the latest craze, more and more people are looking at how to startup their own craft brewery and doing a deep dive into all aspects of the brewing process. This is no easy task and our aim is to be able to assist the startup entrepreneurs follow their passion through using the ReadyFundGo crowdfunding platform.


As the startup entrepreneurs who work with us will discover, crowdfunding is about more than raising funds – it is about acquiring and engaging with your customers, storyboarding your vision and testing your marketing and product positioning.

So what are some of the key answers when asking how to startup a brewery through crowdfunding?


  1. As with any business idea it is vital to have a very specific and detailed budget in mind. This not only helps with your overall planning but it makes it easier to raise funds from potential investors as they can see where their funds will be used. This is equally important in reward based crowdfunding campaigns as it is for equity based crowdfunding campaigns.
  2. Research is a prime component and an area where a lot of enthusiasts fall down. No matter how much you may know a sector or industry, you can always know more. Remember, having a hobby is one thing but starting up a business is a whole other level. This also applies to creating a crowdfunding campaign. It takes detailed planning as you build your crowdfunding campaign page and your audience simultaneously.
  3. It is  also important to have realistic expectations. It’s easy to get carried away when your passion takes over and you must ensure when looking in to how to start up a brewery that you  are realistic about the amount of funds you will be able to raise from a crowdfunding campaign. Our advice is to be open to feedback from potential  supporters and start with a lower target. It is always possible to exceed your target.

You can expect all types of setbacks and difficulties along the way, but you can also expect help and support and that is where we step in.


We specialize in helping raising funds for unique business startups and scale-ups and specifically we have strong experience in raising funds for brewery startups.


Feel free to read some of our campaigns and reach out if ReadyFundGo can assist in your journey.


Check out the Mitta Mitta Brewery – they smashed their crowdfunding campaign target and achieved 176% of their goal.


The next round is on us!

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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