Our Crowdfunding Journey: Lawnbrook Estate

Campaign creators Rebekah and Bruce from Lawnbrook Estate
Campaign Creators: Rebekah and Bruce Wilson

Crowdfunding campaign creators always have an interesting story to tell. Here we zoom in on campaign creators Rebekah and Bruce Wilson from the Lawnbrook Estate in the Perth Hills, Western Australia.

Rebekah and Bruce started their campaign in response to the COVID-19 crisis to save their 2020 vintage. They cleverly recognised early on in the crisis that crowdfunding can be used to help with cashflow.

Here is what Rebekah had to say in response to our interview questions:

How and why did you decide to use crowdfunding?

We have used crowdfunding platforms before (as a consumer) and it looked like an ideal solution that would allow us to pre-sell a vintage in an ‘all-or-nothing’ format. In this particular instance, time was of the essence. Our wine is in production ,and essentially ready for bottling. As a consequence of COVID-19 we lost our restaurant revenue stream and needed to be confident we could cover a good portion of our  2020 vintage costs.

Once you had decided how long did it take you to create your campaign?

We took a couple of days to evaluate various platforms, a day to work out whether it would be viable, and a further 2 days to write our story/build our rewards.

What was the most difficult part of creating your campaign page?

It was all relatively easy.  It would be good if there was a little more flexibility with the Shipping Costs section to allow for Free Shipping.

Did you have an audience built in advance of your campaign and if so how had you acquired them?

Our audience was made up of our Facebook and Instagram followers (around 3500+)

What marketing activities have you been undertaking since your campaign went live?

We have used Facebook and Instagram to promote the campaign.  We also boosted the post through FB just to keep the momentum going.  Additionally, any wine we’ve sold, we’ve put the printed A5 flyers in each bag or box which has been a fantastic “extra” to this process.

What has been the best part about running your campaign to date?

Having support along the way from ReadyFundGo and seeing our goal target get closer to completion.

How did you get to hear about ReadyFundGo?

We evaluated various crowd funding platforms, some are geared around niche markets, others were non starters as they don’t allow alcohol as rewards and many are overseas based.

Why did you choose ReadyFundGo?

ReadFundGo suited our needs. The fees were reasonable, the platform was flexible enough to do what we wanted, and the fact that it was Australian based, sat well with us.

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