Carbon Offsetting: Mount Sandy Project

SouthPole’s Mount Sandy Carbon Offset Project

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For our team it is important that we also play our own part.

As part of our own journey we have been working  with PathZero to identify our carbon emissions.

For 2020-21, the following were identified as our top 3 emission sources:

Top 3 emission sources
  • Base buildings
  • ICT Services and Equipment
  • Electricity – Direct purchase

We offset two and a half times our identified emissions using carbon offsets from SouthPole.

SouthPole Carbon Offsets

Our carbon offsets were created through investing in the Australian Mount Sandy Conservation project.




-5.51 t CO2e

Mount Sandy Conservation 

Located on the traditional lands of the Ngarrindjeri people, Traditional Custodians of the Coorong, Mount Sandy is a rare pocket of intact native vegetation in a region now dominated by farmlands.

The 200-hectare project site features a unique mix of coastal shrublands and saline swamplands that provide strategic habitat for iconic native wildlife, such as the short-beaked echidna, purple-gaped honeyeater and elegant parrot.

Over thousands of years, the Ngarrindjeri people have cared for Coorong country, developing an intimate connection to the land that sustains them.

Project management itself is made possible through close collaboration with local Ngarrindjeri Elders, Clyde and Rose Rigney, who oversee the ongoing management and conservation of vegetation at the Mount Sandy site.

Caring for Coorong country
Caring for Coorong country

More information about the project can be found HERE.

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