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It is a unique device that helps you fall asleep and wake up with natural resonant tones.

Vanesa Kovacova

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EasySleep is a unique device that helps you sleep with the tones of soothing minds.The same principle works in case of waking up, when it tunes in to the vibrations of Aum and wakes up from 5 minutes even from the hardest sleep.


In this hectic and hurried world, our minds sometimes work more than it should and the level of stress in our body is enormous throughout the hustle and bustle.

How? Vibrating tones that carry the level of calming frequencies can relax the mind as well as release the toxic look of stress that we hold within us.

One tape with a recording has 30 minutes, which ensures optimal and at the same time sufficient time for regeneration and calming.

How you can contribute? 

By promoting this product, you can help secure the material - wood from sustainable sources, recycled iron and the technology needed to operate this equipment.



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