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Helping teachers to bring young people into the innovation ecosystem. Beyond gender and postcode.

UpRising is an innovative an initiative that seeks to remove the barriers between education, business and industry.

UpRising offers senior high school Design & Technology students the opportunity to connect with business & industry, and community to accelerate their ideas, test prototypes and promote their Design Projects in safe and easy ways. 

The UpRising platform allows students to gain support for their dreams and ambitions whilst helping to build the innovation ecosystem.​ ​Each year thousands of design students undertake a major design project, spending months researching and building ethical and sustainable solutions to local or global problems, but how easy is it for these students to connect with businesses and community? How easy is it for industry to get into the classroom and develop collaborations?

All too often at the end of it all, these commercially viable, enterprising projects of high social impact, end up gathering dust in a cupboard. Talented entrepreneurial design students need connections to reach their full potential.

​The Opportunity – UpRising needs your help to help make it sustainable, the operational costs exceed $6,000 each year. I have been able to avoid passing on the costs to the schools or students by funding it myself for the past few years with help of some generous folk, but it is reaching a growth point where with a little help it can reach more students. 

By donating today you are giving forward to tomorrow.

Richard Hainswoth, Founder of UpRising / Design & Technology Teacher, NSW.




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D  dora Lizzie


I hope this message finds you well. Your crowdfunding campaign has recently captured my attention, and I must say, I’m impressed by the meaningful impact it aims to achieve. As someone who is passionate about supporting noble causes, I felt compelled to extend a helping hand to assist your campaign in reaching its fundraising goals.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in several successful crowdfunding ventures, gaining valuable insights into strategies that can significantly enhance campaign success. If you’re interested in further discussion or assistance, please feel free to contact me via email at doracrowd7@gmail.com or through my profile on Fiverr at www .com/dora_lizzie.com

I’m looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with you.

Warm regards,

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