The most important marketing tool for your crowdfunding campaign

What is your most important crowdfunding marketing tool?  If you are serious about your crowdfunding campaign it is no longer enough to use text and some nice images to engage your audience. Today you need a video. It’s a fact that people no longer want to read online, they expect to watch a video. Once

The Essentials of a Great Crowdfunding Video

Telling Your Story with Video Imagine explaining your crowdfunding project to a friend.  What would you tell them? What questions would they ask? Your crowdfunding video is your chance to tell people that story in a nutshell: who you are, what you want to make, and why. Stats show that a campaign video is a

What Type of Video Do You Need?

Today we are going to look at popular styles of videos that can be used by your crowdfunding campaign or business. Your campaign video can use several of these styles, in order to pitch your idea as well as tell your story.  Videos can also be a great way to build excitement, promote and update

Reverse Blogging

Hello everyone! This week we were invited to be part of a blog being made by our good friends at ReadyFundGo. So being the creatives we are, we decided to do a reverse blog. We made our blog about ReadyFundGo making a blog!!! So what is a blog? A blog (also called a weblog or

Scripting Your Journey

Why do you need a script for a crowdfunding video?  A script is a very cheap or free tool that allows you to plan your crowdfunding story. You can easily fix what isn’t working in the script before you start spending loads of precious time producing the video itself. Once you have finalised the script

Marketing on a Small Budget? Focus on Strategy!

When your marketing budget is limited and let’s face it, most businesses are having this issue right now, the answer is about being strategic. Being strategic means that you need to put some more work in yourself and unfortunately, as most of us who run our own business have time constraints, that may seem like